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Swear by Your People: Achieve Peak team performance through enduring relationships
July 18, 2023
Who knew that swearing can be beneficial? Not just for individuals that swear, but for teams who swear among–and by–each other. Those who feel a sense of safety and trust around their colleagues tend to have greater success in their collaborations… and they’re more likely to swear because, well, they’re comfortable with each other. As a leader, how can you get your team feeling that level of cohesion and rapport (swearing optional)? Speaker, leadership team performance expert, and author Adrian Baillargeon is here to offer his insight from 20 years working with corporate and sports clients all over the world.
What’s your favorite team? Most people, when asked this question, will think first of athletics. Many will immediately picture a football team–of either the association or American variety. Very few, if any of us, are quick to think of our own teams at work, even though those are the teams we spend the most time with. Why is that? There are many reasons we aren’t as enthusiastic about our teams at work as we should be, and the buck always stops with leadership. This week, Adrian Baillargeon joins us to discuss how we can infuse trust, enthusiasm, and cohesion back into our teams.

Adrian is a speaker, executive coach, and author of the book Teams That Swear. He has worked with global clients on 3 separate continents in the corporate, sports, not-for-profit, and education sectors. As a leadership team performance expert, his methods draw from scientific research, as well as from high-performing professional and amateur sports teams. He teaches us how to unify our teams by achieving clarity and focusing deeply on relationship development.

Join us as we discuss:

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