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Inspiring Confidence: Supportive Leadership for a New Generation of Social-Professional Challenges
June 20, 2023
In this episode of L&D in Action, we speak with coach, speaker and author of Quick Confidence, Selena Rezvani. As a consultant to the Fortune 500, Selena trains some of the brightest minds in business on self-advocacy and inclusive leadership behaviors. Today, we address growing mental health issues among workers, as reported by The Conference Board. Selena promotes a warmth-first approach to leadership that empowers individuals to advocate for themselves and forothers.
The most recent Conference Board workforce survey has shown us that many people are growing less content at work. 34% of respondents said their mental health had gotten worse in the last 6 months, while 37% feel a decreased sense of belonging. Almost half of these respondents attributed their feelings to a challenging workload, and considering the historical moment, it’s worth taking a deeper look at these findings.

To offer insight based on her experience as a speaker and coach to the Fortune 500, we welcome Selena Rezvani on this week’s episode of L&D in Action. Selena teaches leaders and individual contributors alike how to foster advocacy and psychological safety in the workplace. Today, she gives us actionable advice for having the tough conversations that will help address this workplace happiness crisis.

Join us as we discuss:

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