L&D In Action: Winning Strategies from Learning Leaders
Learning About Learning: Investing in Human Intelligence (HI) to Ensure Sustainable Work
June 27, 2023
Organizations have a responsibility to their people to create a sustainable future, both in terms of the world we live in, and the careers they create. To discuss how leaders can craft such a future through learning, we speak with Teri Hart on this week’s episode. As an author, work futurist, and Head of Talent Development at Zurich NA, Teri has spent many years building educational programs meant to future-proof employees and inspire them to charge ahead into a challenging future.
Although employees expect more from their organizations in these turbulent times, many feel as though they’re getting less. With a lack of clarity around how the next wave of AI will impact job security, it’s only fair for workers to ask companies to arm them with tools and education that gives them a fighting chance. But, that’s no small task, and leaders have to persist in an increasingly competitive business landscape. The answer is effective continued education for all… but where do we start?

By learning about learning, according to Teri Hart. As VP and Head of Talent Development at Zurich NA, and a long-time researcher of learning science, Teri has been developing strategic learning programs based on psychological science for years. Today, she reveals how we can help our people overcome learning barriers, build identities as learners, and drive our organizations into the future we want to see.

Join us as we discuss:

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