L&D In Action: Winning Strategies from Learning Leaders
The State of L&D: Navigating Novel Technology on a Learning Budget
July 11, 2023
What will be hot in L&D in 2023? What challenges will learning leaders face this year? If you’re an L&D pro, you may have answered a survey asking these questions at some point in the last 10 years. They come from Donald Taylor’s indispensable L&D Global Sentiment Survey. This week, we discuss with Don his findings from 4,000 respondents, covering the challenge of tightened budgets, the adoption of burgeoning tech, demonstrating a learning ROI and much more.
Budget. Value. Impact. These are the three most commonly used words found among the responses to Donald Taylor’s question, “what is your biggest L&D challenge in 2023?” This, of course, comes from Taylor’s annual Global Sentiment Survey. While he typically only asks a multiple choice question about “What’s hot” in L&D, this year he added this open-ended question. From the thousands of respondents, it is clear: L&D pros are fighting an uphill battle to demonstrate their immense value to their organizations. This is top of mind on this week’s episode of L&D in Action.

Beyond his globally revered survey, Don Chairs the Learning Technologies Conference, serves as a keynote speaker, and has authored a book on the topic of learning technology. If you asked 10 elite L&D practitioners who the most important names in Learning are, 9 will include Don in their list. The 10th would likely be Don himself, and he’s just being modest. There’s no doubt Don is a driver of the global L&D conversation, and we’re thrilled to discuss burgeoning ed tech, showing learning impact with data, preparing for disruption and much more with him on the show.

Join us as we discuss:

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