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Clear Is Kind: Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Head On with Bold Conversations and Allyship
August 29, 2023
Work doesn’t happen in a social vacuum. In fact, it becomes more clear by the day that sustained changes to behavior, power structures, and policy are all necessary to pursue true equity in the workplace–much like in society at large. But how do we ensure any education or solutions we deliver actually have long-term impact? And how do we have the difficult conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion? This week, we’re joined by activist, consultant, influencer and HR leader Rachel Lauren, who offers insight from the frontlines of advocacy.
It seems that issues of systemic inequality and discrimination tend to make their way into the public consciousness mostly around clear moments of injustice, or even tragedy. Nevertheless, it’s evident that the solutions to these problems must be sustained changes to social behavior and policy. We can all do our part to contribute to such solutions by pushing for positive change in the organizations where we work. After all, these organizations impact the communities we live in, and are subject to the same causes of inequity that we see in society at large.

So, where do we start? How do we have these often difficult conversations? How can an individual use whatever power they have to create sustainable change? Today, Rachel Lauren helps us answer these questions. Rachel’s consulting firm, Diversified, helps world-class organizations maximize their DEI efforts. And, as an activist and advocate fighting for Black life in America, she draws from frontline experience in setting policy, teaching about injustice, and empowering the disempowered.

Join us as we discuss:

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