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Know Yourself First: Mental Habits for More Fulfilling Relationships in Work and in Life
February 13, 2024
Conversations at work are different from conversations everywhere else. Whether you’re speaking with your boss, an external partner, or an internal stakeholder, it’s likely your dialogue won’t resemble what you might experience with a friend or family member. All too often, a greater degree of detachment from the people in our professional lives means that we’re more likely to fall into bad communication habits. This week, mindset and mental wellness coach Kirsten Larsen helps us identify and work through the thought patterns and conversation traps that have negative impacts on relationships of all kinds.
Everything we do begins with a thought. And, as flawed human beings, it’s possible that our thoughts don’t represent a perfect picture of the reality in front of us. Sometimes, when we let biases or cognitive distortions cloud our judgment, we create undue stress on our relationships. Luckily, according to this week’s guest Kirsten Larsen, we’re capable of observing our own brains and taking deliberate steps toward communicating better, both in our personal and professional lives.

Kirsten Larsen has helped people work through the lowest of imaginable lows as an inpatient psychiatrist. After experiencing a depth of human connection that few will see in their lifetime, she decided to found her mental wellness coaching firm, Peace of Wellness. Now, Kirsten is dedicated to helping individuals and teams develop communication skills and emotional well-being. In honor of Valentine’s Day, listen extra close as she gives her insight on building effective, happy, communicative relationships!

Join us as we discuss:

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