L&D In Action: Winning Strategies from Learning Leaders
Practical AI Insights: Understanding and Adopting Generative AI for Learning Leaders
April 9, 2024
Last episode we discussed the “feelings” of thousands of L&D pros, via Don Taylor’s Global Sentiment Survey. Nearly one out of every 4 respondents had AI top of mind, though the sentiments varied from speculation to confusion to excitement, and few addressed application. Enter: Ross Stevenson, an L&D veteran who has been filling an ever-growing gap by regularly educating the L&D world with practical insight on using generative AI and AI-enabled learning tools. In this episode, Ross shares his advice for getting started individually and organizationally with AI in learning.
It has been reported that a majority of US workers have used generative AI at work at least one time (many passing off work completed by such tools as their own). However, a much smaller percentage have integrated gen AI into their regular work, citing lack of use cases, fear of hallucinatory responses, security doubts, and other concerns. To allay these insecurities and make AI tools a little more accessible, Ross Stevenson of Steal These Thoughts joins the show this week.

Ross has held learning leadership positions at Tesco, Trainline, and Filtered, affording him wide-ranging experience as a learning technologist and strategist. He is a speaker, educator, and strategist who dedicates much of his time to simplifying the technology behind AI-enabled tools and demonstrating how they can be used in organizational learning contexts.

Join us as we discuss:
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