L&D In Action: Winning Strategies from Learning Leaders
Buffer Zone Learning: AI-enhanced Feedback for Judgment-free Knowledge Demonstrations
February 27, 2024
What is the most effective way to assess learning among employees? What is the most efficient way? What's the most affordable? What's... the best way? It's likely that the answers to each of these questions is unique, and could even be different from organization to organization. If you're anything like the rest of us with too much data and not enough time, you may be hoping that AI will eventually step in and support the learning evaluation process, addressing at least most of these concerns simultaneously. This week, we speak with CEO of Bongo, Josh Kamrath, whose service offers a unique perspective on the efficacy of AI-enhanced learner feedback.
When it comes to proving one's knowledge, is there any greater demonstration than real-time application? Probably not. But, we can't always ask our people to apply their knowledge without ascertaining a high level of certainty that they won't make a big, hairy, dangerous mistake. So, what can we do? Why don't we take a page from Academia, and observe those who expand their knowledge to its limits by pursuing terminal degrees? In a dissertation defense, those seeking doctorates must (often orally) demonstrate the impenetrability of their research and knowledge. 

Naturally, not every learner in every organization can be afforded a review committee to ensure the knowledge they acquire is as lock-tight. And in most cases, that kind of learning doesn't require such depth of revision. Yet, presenting one's knowledge in this way is understood to be an effective method for demonstrating mastery. So, can we scale a system like this? According to Josh Kamrath, CEO of Bongo, we have the resources to do so, especially if we outsource parts of the work to artificial intelligence.

Join us as we discuss:
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