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Better Bosses: Creating Inspirational Leaders Through Trust-Based Feedback Systems
August 15, 2023
When a business has so many moving parts, overwhelm can easily get in the way of effective leadership. So, it’s important to be proactive and systematic in leadership development efforts. Among the most important ingredients to improving as a boss is the presence of feedback loops that offer truthful insight on the impact you have on your reports. If you have this, according to this week’s guest, global keynote speaker and author Michelle Gibbings, you can take the steps necessary for long-term improvement as a leader.
Everyone has had a bad boss. In fact, many of us have been bad bosses at some point in our careers. There are plenty of reasons why someone’s leadership can have a less than positive impact on those they’re leading. Overwhelm is quite common, though plenty of bosses simply lack systems that allow for an honest review of their impact and performance. With some self-awareness and humility, alongside an effective 360-degree feedback system, any leader can inspire their people.

For one tried-and-true resolution to the problem of bad bosses, we are joined this week by the woman who literally wrote the book on the topic. Michelle Gibbings is a global keynote speaker, and bestselling author of Bad Boss: What To Do If You Work For One, Manage One, or Are One. She explains her 4-step process for taking a boss from bad to inspirational, and weighs in on the unique challenges facing leaders in a volatile business landscape.

Join us as we discuss:

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