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AI in L&D: Barriers, Progress, and Success Stories in Learning, One Year Since the Launch of ChatGPT
January 16, 2024
Artificial Intelligence has made a noticeable impact on the world of learning–especially since the launch of ChatGPT and the advent of generative AI. However, the degree to which AI-enabled tools are being implemented and delivering positive impact for organizational learning remains unclear. To help determine what kind of progress has been made in the world of L&D, Egle Vinauskaite, co-author of AI in L&D: The State of Play joins us on this week’s episode.
Generative AI has forever altered how we create and consume content online. Talent Intelligence has given us access to more data points about candidates than we could ever use. Workforce Intelligence has turned the most micro of our day-to-day tasks into opportunities for feedback and learning. Artificial Intelligence is here, and it has the ability to impact almost everything we do in training, learning, and HR. But to what extent is AI actually being implemented, and is it having a positive impact across organizations?

To begin to answer these questions, Donald H. Taylor and Egle Vinauskaite released a report called AI in L&D: The State of Play. They surveyed nearly 200 industry professionals, asking about their experience with AI-enabled tech in the workplace. Egle joins us in this episode to discuss the most critical findings from the report. Her expertise and reputation precede her, as a Harvard-educated Learning consultant who has worked with more than a dozen different organizations.

Join us as we discuss:
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