L&D In Action: Winning Strategies from Learning Leaders
Personalized Learning Tech: Facilitating Social Learning and Skill-Based Growth Opportunities
September 19, 2023
Every organization is teeming with untapped synergy between people. Especially in larger companies, there’s a plethora of opportunities for collaborative learning among employees who don’t typically work with each other. Mentorships, skill exchanges, and peer-to-peer feedback opportunities could be identified and capitalized upon… if only we had the right tools in place to help. On this week’s episode, Helen Marshall describes how ed tech can help us create personalized social learning experiences.
Let’s say Joanna is in SaaS sales, and she decides that in order to build social proof and reach her audience, she’ll develop a LinkedIn content strategy. She knows that Youtube and any old search engine can give her a litany of how-to’s for crafting a social media persona, but she isn’t sure what resources will make for the best educational experience. So, instead of starting online, Joanna asks Amy in marketing, who works with the social media team for some pointers.

Imagine this type of simple learning exchange, multiplied and magnified many times all across an organization. Social learning based on the curiosities, proven skill sets, and growth opportunities of each and every employee. This week, Helen Marshall, CLO at THRIVE and host of Diary of a CLO, discusses how we can optimize our social learning with the right ed tech and a renewed focus on the individual learning goals and desires of employees.

Join us as we discuss:

-How to consult employees directly about the learning that is best for them
-The importance of codifying an organization’s skills and knowledge sets
-The power of communities, both inter- and intra-organizational, for learning and growth
-What role neuroscience and learning science should play in content and learning design

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