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Kindness in Human Resources: Earning the Trust of Leadership and Employees Alike as an HR Leader
January 9, 2024
It’s no secret that Human Resources departments often receive the eye of skepticism from C-suite leadership. But what is it that results in HR taking on the stigmas of being a blocker to progress, or just a compulsory administrative arm for hiring and firing? According to Jessica Winder, there’s a lack of forthright communication between HR and leadership, and HR has a tendency to operate within existing bureaucratic expectations. Jessica shares her insights on the kinds of conversations and initiatives that get leadership on the same page as HR early and effectively.
Human Resources departments are responsible for exactly what their name states: Maximizing the capabilities of the humans working within an organization. While this is achieved through a wide variety of functions, HR tends to be stigmatized as the department that holds up progress, enforces seemingly burdensome policies, and handles dirty work like firing and disciplining employees. Jessica Winder is here to remind us that, while some of HR’s functions can appear too bureaucratic, making your people the best versions of themselves starts with thorough communication and kindness.

Jessica is a 3-time first HR hire at fast-growth startups, serving as the frontline when it comes to culture development, employee learning, and recruitment. She is a coach and speaker in her own rite, and recently  published her first book, The Hidden Gem Within. On this week’s episode, we discuss how HR departments can establish a foothold of trust in their organizations and how to garner support for long-term, complex endeavors like diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Join us as we discuss:
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