L&D In Action: Winning Strategies from Learning Leaders
Regenerative Systems: Doing Work and Living Lives That Reveal and Embrace Our Essence
September 26, 2023
What if addressing the many global ills we face in business and society today–anxiety, complacency, insecurity, even inequality and injustice–required us to approach our work and daily lives with an entirely different frame of mind? What if our calling, our “essence” as components of a greater whole, was far more grand than the jobs we do, or the problems our organizations solve for others? This week, Carol Sanford demonstrates how questioning everything we know is the only way to do the work we were truly meant to do.
Carol Sanford is the author of 7 books, most of which have been bestsellers and all have award winning. She has been an educator for over 100 Fortune 500s executives on several different continents, and collaborated with them to achieve unprecedented returns on investment. She has 100s of thousands of students leading change from Regenerative Systems principles, and her clients report this work is unlike any other- changing their company and their lives.
Carol’s aim is disrupt, and supplant, the current paradigms by writing books that enable experiencing a new way to learn and change, and educating organizations and their members, leaders and educators to develop people, by HOW they develop the business. The purpose of this is far greater than growing the business. The outcome is for everyone can come to see the working of the world as a living system at work and apply that way of thinking to make life work for all. A Living systems approach is a concept far more significant than the usual missions or goals. It defines the core, ore Essence, of each being including that of the company and our core as human beings. When revealed it can uplift and redefine careers and our contribution. Through the lenses of indigenous knowledge, psychological research, and her depth of experience for 50 years in business and education, Carol offers a regenerative paradigm for what we pursue and how we learn.

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