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Authentic Leadership: Staying Ahead of the Curve with Self-knowledge
May 23, 2023
In this episode of L&D in Action, we’re joined by leadership development expert Bill Treasurer. Bill describes his consultancy, Giant Leap Consulting, as a courage-building company dedicated to maximizing performance emphasizing self-awareness among leaders. From two decades of coaching and consulting, Bill shares his insight as to how companies can foster better relationships among their employees, centered around embracing one’s authentic social and human self.
What is the highest compliment you can pay a leader? That they are comfortable in their own skin. An authentic leader brings their authentic self to the workplace, and, through their actions, encourages everyone else to do so as well. But, well… easier said than done. It’s one of the hardest times to be a leader in history, with the 21st century being largely driven by decentralization and rapid change. Our guest today, Bill Treasurer, shares insights from 20+ years in consulting that will help new and old leaders alike navigate this volatile world of business.

Bill has had an illustrious career, previously working for Accenture as the organization’s first full-time Internal Executive Coach. Two decades ago, he founded Giant Leap Consulting, a courage-building consultancy that helps organizations optimize performance by fostering authentic relationships and stronger leadership dynamics. His most recent book is Leadership Two Words at a Time.

Join us as we discuss:

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